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Hi - I'm Becky! I connect, I observe and I see, meaning you get the best possible outcome from your desired photography brief. My style is natural, whimsical, joyful and relaxed. I’m a sensitive soul, I put my heart into my craft, and there is a lot of love in what I do. Having worked as a theatre director for over 15years this strong background in the arts has naturally enhanced my creative flare. The art scene has given me a wonderful knowledge and understanding which I now bring to my photography. I love sunshine and sunsets, giggle’s and gurgles, moments of pure joy and passion, rainbows and rainstorms. Once you open your eyes to possibilities you see the littles details everywhere.
I connect, I observe and I see.
I’m a storyteller of photography, so let me tell your story.

I tell stories - combining many years experience in the dramatic arts with my creative eye and technical capabilities to observe and capture beautiful moments.
I have several fantastic packages that have popular appeal -
HUGE (Holeyn Urban Glasgow Experience) - for teenage girls, encouraging body-positive imagery, Yummy Mummies, Personal Branding for emerging and established female entrepreneurs
and the big favourite at the moment, Wild & Free; capturing your children at their most innocent and absorbed;
whilst they're playing.


Anywhere and everywhere! I have a black book with secret places within plain sight. I work mainly in the central belt of Scotland, however will happily travel anywhere on 'plus expenses basis'.


holeyn photography

excited to be telling your story


We are so pleased with Holeyn Photography. We had a great session, very relaxed and unobtrusive. Becky captured real and natural images of our family in such a beautiful setting. The 'Wild&Free' approach was simply perfect for our two camera-shy boys.



Thanks your for all your hard work with the photos. I love them! They are definitely the best photos that exist of me - ever.


Thank you so much! Kids loved it & that was due to your enthusiasm; you can tell you're a mum by your caring approach. I would recommend Holeyn to anyone looking for natural, important photos that will last forever. Such treasured memories.
Thanks again.



holeyn photography

excited to be telling your story


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